Edge Global partners with telecommunication and other companies across Singapore, Dubai and India, helping them to better serve their customers, build and operate networks and services, and find a sustainable path to growth

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About Us

We strive to be a company even more needed by the world I would like to thank all of you for your support and benefaction. While preserving our formation essence of “Good Service Creates Good Final Products” we have retorted properly to the varying expertise with the assistance of our clients and customers.

History & Objectives

Edge Global was established in 2008 by technical professionals from Telecom. Few companies have Edge’s storied capacity for transforming, developing new technologies and adapting to shifts in market conditions. Focus of delivering Quality Services. Up to date on technology, professional knowledge, training & Instrumentation. Experienced in Telecom market. The stimulating work environment brings together the best technical brains at Edge Global to take care of all needs of our clients. The 300-associates strong team comprises of experienced, dynamic, enterprising and innovative telecom experts having outstanding academic and professional records. We got opportunity in the form of NMS provision for Tellabs Associate with Alcatel Lucent for TCL & Aircel Project Restoration of Bellary Site within 4 Days ( 14 DXCs & 6 DWDMs with full capacity ). Associated with FiberHome Telecommunication for PGCIL 100G OTN DWDM Project. We bagged the Audit Project for 5 Lambda upgrade project from Tellabs in 2010.

We’re committed to add value to our client’s business and provide them with outstanding support services and solutions. We use best practices to offer our clients with cost-efficient solutions that further help them in fulfilling their business ambitions and goals with minimal efforts and expenditure.